Property Owner Loan

Property Owner Loan

Property Owner Loan

No collateral of title deed is required

Co-owned properties can be applied for by one person

Express approval of large loans

Exempt from complicated legal procedure

Exempt from legal fee and handling fee

Online Apply

Simple and easy to apply!

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Real Case

It is quick and easy to apply for our Property Owner Loan. Any property owners are welcomed as no collateral of title deed is required. There is no need to mortgage the property deed, income and credit review, and the age of the property is not limited; application fees and valuation fees are all free; early redemption is free of penalty interest. Compared with ordinary personal loans, the loan amount is larger, the interest rate is lower, and the payment is flexible. You can also choose to repay the monthly net interest *The actual annual interest rate is 16.26% (calculated based on the 12-month repayment period), and the loan amount is calculated based on the property valuation and personal credit status. It can borrow more than ordinary personal loans to meet different funding needs! (revised)