Important notice: Recently, there have been fraudsters impersonating Funki Finance’s staff using phone calls, text messages or instant messaging platform (such as WhatsApp), defrauding customers of their personal information and claiming that it’s for loan application or asking customers repay to third parties’ individual bank accounts.

Funki Finance declared that Funki Finance does not have any connections with the relevant rights violations and fraudulent activities. The fraudulent cases have been reported to the police for investigation. Funki Finance reminds customers not to disclose any personal information or make any payments to suspicious persons. Our company's staff will not ask customers to transfer funds to individual private bank accounts. If you have any doubts regarding the identity of the caller or contact party, please use the 'Funki Telephone Directory Service' to verify the number or call our CS hotline (852) 3955 7100 for enquiry.

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      1.How am I eligible to apply for a loan?

      2.What is the maximum loan amount and maximum repayment period?

      3.How long does the loan approval application take?

      4.Are there any charges or hidden fees?

      5.When will I receive the loan after successful approval?

      6.Does my application require a guarantor or collateral?

      7.How can I repay the loan?

      8.Can I apply for a loan if I have been bankrupt?

      9.How to protect and handle the data and privacy?

      10.Can I change the tenor?

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