Important notice: Recently, there have been fraudsters impersonating Funki Finance’s staff using phone calls, text messages or instant messaging platform (such as WhatsApp), defrauding customers of their personal information and claiming that it’s for loan application or asking customers repay to third parties’ individual bank accounts.

Funki Finance declared that Funki Finance does not have any connections with the relevant rights violations and fraudulent activities. The fraudulent cases have been reported to the police for investigation. Funki Finance reminds customers not to disclose any personal information or make any payments to suspicious persons. Our company's staff will not ask customers to transfer funds to individual private bank accounts. If you have any doubts regarding the identity of the caller or contact party, please use the 'Funki Telephone Directory Service' to verify the number or call our CS hotline (852) 3955 7100 for enquiry.

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Civil Servant &
Professional Loan



No Branch Visit

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High Loan Amount

Up to HK$2 million


Flexible tenor

Up to 108 months



Approve+Cash in within 1 hour

Our tailored lending service gives you customised borrowing options that can increase your liquidity.

Redefine the Financial World


All done over online to apply for a loan


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1. Loan amount should be within $5,000 and $2,000,000.

2. Flexible loan tenor up from 6 months to 108 months.

Monthly Repayment

HKD $ 0


Civil Servant & Professional Loan

Although Tom is a professional with stable monthly income and receive rental income. But recently, due to the need to deal with the housing supply and the sudden medical expenses at the same time, the turnover has been ineffective. Later learned that Funki Finance provides low-interest loans to civil servants and professionals,

including but not limited to civil servants, doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, lawyers, accountants, engineers, actuaries, teachers, social workers, etc., holding professional licenses or registrations professionals, and any staff employed by public/semi-government organisations, Airport Authority and Hospital Authority.

Tom immediately applied online. Tom has successfully drawn down the Funki Finance Civil Service and Professional Loan. The loan amount is $150,000.00, the repayment period is 36 months, and the effective annual interest rate (APR) is 5.5%. The monthly repayment amount is HK$4,542.00 and the total repayment amount is: $163,500.00

Civil Servant & Professional Loan

Funki Finance offer Civil Servant & Professional Loan in low interest rates, including but not limited to civil servants, doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, lawyers, accountants, engineers, actuaries, teachers, social workers, etc., licensed or registered professionals, and any Employed as staff in public/semi-government organizations, Airport Authority and Hospital Authority.

Interest rates may vary depending on the customer's financial position and repayment record. The maximum annual percentage rate is 47.90%. The repayment period is typically from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 108 months. Funki Finance Limited reserves its absolute right on the final loan decision.

*Funki Finance Limited reserves its absolute right on any loan approval decision and any disputes.

*Offers subject to relevant terms and conditions.

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