Application Flow

Loan Purpose

Committed to providing customers with professional and diversified loan services

We provide flexible and considerate personal credit solutions for different customers, so as to help you easily cope with various financial needs and enjoy convenient capital turnover.

Loans are approved quickly

Funki Finance is trustworthy.

We provides you with flexible cash flow resolutions. Simple and convenient loan process. We look to build a "Better Tomorrow" with you and to create a success for you in the future.

【One-on-one follow-up of the case】

Tailor-made loan plans for customers, and a dedicated person to understand customer needs

【Simple and convenient Procedure】

The procedure is simple, the required documents can be submitted by email or whatsapp

【Special repayment period】

According to customer needs, the repayment period can be up to 72

【Clear and transparent with no hidden terms】

The contract clearly states every clause, fair and transparent

【Quickly approvement】

Once approved, the loan amount will be available immediately


We set up a personal account for each customer, so that customers can track the entire loan process anytime, anywhere, and easily grasp each application step with extremely high transparency.


We respect the privacy and autonomy of our customers. All of our communications during the loan application process will only be sent via SMS and email. The entire loan process is also self-service and electronic, and the leadership is returned to the customer. Customers do not need to worry about receiving any nuisances during the process. When to proceed with the next step, it is entirely up to you.


We let customers choose to visit our company via online platform or in person according to their personal preferences and schedule Complete the entire loan application process and withdraw cash instantly.


We attach great importance to the security of the network system, so we adopt the security layer encryption technology (SSL) to ensure that the information entered by the customer when processing the loan application is encrypted before transmission, so as to fully protect the customer's personal data and privacy.

Online Apply

How to Apply

Online Application

Customers can apply for loans online at any time, simply and quickly. Just fill in the form and send it out, and the customer service representative will contact you.

Telephone Application

Application Hotline: 3955 7100 Customers can apply for loans by phone during office hours, which is simple and straightforward. After successful approval, you can go through the signing procedures and withdraw cash with our company.

Visit our company

Customers can also apply for loans in person at branches, and our professional staff will be at your service at any time.