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Funki Finance break the boundaries of lending, introduce leading intelligent technology, offer a personalized online lending experience, and create a new era of financial technology. Through big data analysis and humanization of technology, breakthrough use of real-time data, accurate calculation of pre-control risks, tailor-made financial advice, consolidate advantages and develop a new dimension of digital online lending platform.

Funki Finance Limited (Chinese: 風奇金融有限公司) is wholly owned by a main board listed company - Rich Goldman Holdings Limited (SEHK: 00070, Chinese:金粵控股有限公司) and is a licensed financial institution regulated by the Money Lenders Ordinance (Cap. 163 of the Hong Kong Law) . The money lender license number is 0387 / 2023.


Developing a new and innovative technology to introduce intelligent systems and optimizing the procedure to provide with a diversified loan experience.

Risk Management

Combining big data and technology, strengthen the risk management and analysis the benefits accurately.


The importance of cyber security is unquestionable. We have comprehensive system security and monitoring measures to ensure customer privacy is well protected.


Funki Finance philosophy to 'Leading the future with reform'. Through innovation, we offer a humanized and intelligence technology to create a brand new lending service to our customers in a new pattern.

Funki Finance 2022 TVC

A New era of living

Shooting commercials for the first time. This advertisement presents a sense of fashion technology and postmodernism, a new image that keeps pace with the loan times.


By digitalize our moneylending business and strike to be the leading model in the industry.


Challenge yourself to achieve a new milestone with us!

*Funki Finance Limited reserves its absolute right on any loan approval decision and any disputes.

*Offers subject to relevant terms and conditions.

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  • Money Lenders Licence: 0387/2023
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