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Funki Finance (Chinese: 風奇金融) is wholly owned by a main board listed company - Rich Goldman Holdings Limited (SEHK: 0070, Chinese:金粵控股有限公司) and is a licensed financial institution regulated by the Money Lenders Ordinance (Cap. 163 of the Hong Kong Law) . The money lender license number is 0491 / 2022.

We are devoted to providing our clients with a wide variety of professional, reliable and flexible loan services, including Personal Loan, Business Loan, Mortgage Loan and Credit Card Loan. We are committed to meeting any customers needs by providing personalized and flexible loan solutions, allowing you to enjoy maximization of financial flexibility and opportunities.

Strictly regulated by listed companies regulations and provides professional services regarding property loans

Property loans are not subject to age restrictions

Flexible repayment option

Early repayment without interest penalty

Any property loan amount up to 70%, short-term financing is more flexible

Approval is fast, the mortgage of 100 million takes only two days and the loan agreement is signed within 24 hours after approval

No handling charges and administrative fees

You can only pay interests every month and the principal is to be fully repaid at the end of contract

Also available for interest plus principal, like the bank's mortgage, each instalment includes interest and principal

Our Philosophy

Funki Finance (風奇金融) breaks the boundaries of loans and introduces a smart technology loan system to provide customers with a brand-new and express loan experience. According to personal preferences and schedule, guests can choose to complete the entire loan application process through the online platform or visit the Funki Finance (風奇金融) office, and withdraw cash immediately.

Regardless of the choice of any of the above methods, customers only need to fill in simple personal information and submit the relevant documents, which saves the traditional waiting time of handling documents in branches. During the loan application and repayment process, Funki Finance (風奇金融) never charges customers any handling fees.

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